Arts Management Specialist Travels to Bolivia

Art Waber recently returned from an eventful two-week POA visit to Bolivia.  He spent the first five days in La Paz as a guest of Elizabeth Bowles, observing projects and meeting with colleagues from Alianza Bolivia-Utah/Compañeros de las Américas.  Two days were spent at the Museo de Etnografía y Folklore teaching an arts management workshop for professional theatre directors, choreographers and composers.  He also met with the coordinators and participants in the “Emprender Educando” project, and participated in dialogues with Maritza Wilde (director, FITAZ international theatre festival) and Mario Benavides, Ivette Garzón and others. Waber explained to his audience the need for artists to understand their own system, which may not be a copy of what is done in other places. He worked with them to form new groups who can work together. Art told them that even without a supporting organization for the arts, it can nonetheless start with a small group.Art said “We don’t have a corner of doing it in the U.S. You [Bolivians] are tenacious in getting done what you want to accomplish.”The nine-day visit to Cbba was punctuated by meetings at the Centro Patiño, CBA, Instituto Laredo, Cbba Symphony, Hospital Viedma, SAR, and Warmi.  A two-day arts management workshop for professionals was also held at the CBA.