For Christmas, holiday, or end-of-the-year greeting, buy hand-painted cards

In connection with Amizade and CEOLI, Marvin and Marti Wachs, members of NCPOA, offer beautiful hand-painted greeting cards.  For the 8th year in a row, this greeting card project supports disabled young people in Cochabamba, Bolivia.   Some of you have recently served as volunteers in Bolivia, and some of you have graciously bought these cards in the past.  Whatever your connection or involvement, we hope you will consider purchasing CEOLI cards this year.  In 2010 we have several new artists.  You can read about them in the biography section of our website.  We also have a new art teacher.  Because of the staffing and program changes this year, we have no new designs, but we do plan to have new ones next year.   The price of cards is $1.25 apiece and the entire $1.25 still goes directly to Bolivia. Most cards measure 4 ¼ by 6 ½ inches (TC-31 and TC-34 are slightly smaller) with brightly-colored Bolivian scenes mounted on white or tan card stock.  Envelopes are included, as well as a picture and short biography of one of the artists.  These cards can be used as all-purpose note cards, birthday or Christmas cards.  They also make excellent gifts.   Our website,, has pictures of all the card designs.  You can order cards by going to our website, clicking on “CEOLI cards”, and printing out an order form.  You can also read a short history and explanation of the CEOLI card project.  If you have any questions, feel free to email us at you know of friends or relatives who might have an interest in these cards, we encourage you to forward this information to them.  The more cards we can sell, the more Bolivian artists we can support.  On behalf of the Bolivian artists, muchisimas gracias. Martie and Marvin Wachs   3046 South Alfalfa Joplin, MO  64804