A quarter-million meals reach rural nutrition program

The following email –an update on the meal shipment-- is from Carlos Villarroel in Cochabamba translated by Rod Brooks. “With regard to the meals, the municipalities collected them in November and have distributed them to the schools. According to what the mayor of Arampampa told me (who was in my office last week), the meals have been distributed and used by all of the schools during the months of November and part of December. Classes will start again in February and the mayor has promised to send photographs and a report about the use and the distribution as of that date.

Contributions needed

Hearing aids - The children at the school for the hearing impaired in Cochabamba need used hearing aids that can be reconditioned. These are the over-the-ear kind, not the ones that just fit entirely in the ear. We have fitted many children and youths with hearing aids that have improved immensely their ability to learn, as well as their general quality of life.

Jeremy Slezak from POA spoke at Annual Mtg

Jeremy Slezak, speaker at the Annual Meeting in December, is a recent staff member at Partners of the Americas in Washington, DC, but has had previous experience in International work, as a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras, and he worked for USAID, developing ways volunteers can connect with professional groups. Now at POA, he is working in the area of Resource Development, helping to coordinate with Partners chapters in various program areas.

Carta de Elena, Presidenta de CbbaPOA

[Translation below] Siento una gran alegría al escribirles, y al saber que este sábado tendrán una reunión, pues coincide con nuestra reunión de aniversario, este mes de septiembre, de una manera simbólica por ser el mes de aniversario de Cochabamba, hace 7 años que hacemos algo especial para celebrar nuestro compañerismo.


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