Note from Danny Balderrama

Happy Easter to all of you,It's been already 5 months since I've been back from North Carolina, and I still remember each one of you as if it were yesterday.

Medical Team just back from Cochabamba

From Carlos Vargas, one of the doctors on the Medical Team Mission to Cochabamba: They performed 173 surgical procedures!!!.At my request they preselected surgical cases for Dr Mann. He evaluated the patients and operated 3 days. And Charles Mann, an ENT doctor, said it was the best medical visit ever. [And he has been going for about 10 years.]

Arts Management Specialist Travels to Bolivia

Art Waber recently returned from an eventful two-week POA visit to Bolivia.  He spent the first five days in La Paz as a guest of Elizabeth Bowles, observing projects and meeting with colleagues from Alianza Bolivia-Utah/Compañeros de las Américas.  Two days were spent at the Museo de Etnografía y Folklore teaching an arts management workshop for professional theatre directors, choreographers and composers.  He also met with the coordinators and participants in the “Emprender Educando” project, and participated in dialogues with Maritza Wilde (director, FITAZ international theatre festival)

Capacitación en Colombia para Voluntarios de SAR Cochabamba

GRUPO VOLUNTARIO DE SALVAMENTO BOLIVIA-SAR Sistema de Búsqueda y Rescate/ Cuerpo de Bomberos Voluntarios de Bolivia/ Sistema de Emergencias Médicas.   Informe JAMUNDI COLOMBIA 2009 El día Lunes 12 de octubre se da inicio al curso de ENTRENAMIENTO PARA BOMBEROS y PARAMEDICOS donde se realiza el registro de los Voluntarios Bolivianos de la siguiente forma: 1) Javier Martin Camacho Calderón Curso de Bomberos.   2) Carolina Suarez Valdivia al curso de Bomberos. 3) Ismael Hinojosa al curso de Bomberos.   4) Esmeralda L.


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