Formed in the 1960’s and one of the longest-running nonprofit organizations in the US, Partners of the Americas has been instrumental in connecting people and ideas between the southern and northern hemispheres for fifty years. To celebrate the Partners of the Americas’ fiftieth anniversary, the North Carolina chapter will sponsor a night of live Bolivian entertainment to celebrate the chapter’s projects and exchanges on Saturday, October 25th, 7pm at the First United Methodist Church, 117 South Academy Street in Cary.

A Bolivian dance troupe, live Andean music and Tinku performers will be featured. Comprised of 10 dancers, Caporales Ruhay will perform caporales, a traditional Andean dance that originated in the La Paz Department of Bolivia. Similar to capeiora, Tinku is a Bolivian national treasure that was born out of disguised combat against conquistadores. The men, in brightly colored costumes will “combat” as the women circle around them, chanting.

The evening of Bolivian performances supports North Carolina Partners of the America projects and exchanges that have created opportunities, fostered understanding, and solved real-life problems for countless Bolivians. Medical teams primarily from Wake Forest University have performed numerous reconstructive surgeries at burn centers.  NC POA’s autism project provided autism training in Bolivia, where there are still long delays in diagnosis. Farmer to Farmer exchanges have provided stoves, training in agricultural practices, and food packages to schools and remote areas in Bolivia.  Environmental exchanges have spawned environmental education programs and led to a future creation of a safe building code for all of Bolivia. Not to mention the countless teacher, sports, and artist exchanges between North and South.  

There is no fee to attend but donations will be accepted. Refreshments will be available for purchase.