Note from Danny Balderrama

Happy Easter to all of you,It's been already 5 months since I've been back from North Carolina, and I still remember each one of you as if it were yesterday. Thanks to all of you for your help and support while I was there.Just to let you know a little bit about what I've been doing back here in Bolivia.As you all know, always busy at work; however, I also find time for my passion "environmental issues".In January, I went to Potosi, to a Nationwide Teachers Conference, and I had the chance to give speeches about the Ecosystem and the importance to apply environmental programs to our teaching.I've been implementing what I've learned in NC into my classes, which are not simple teaching English but teaching how to be more responsible with our environment. For instance, last month, my students and I worked hard talking people into being more aware about global warming. We supported the campaign: "60 The Earth Hour". We encouraged people to simple turn off their lights on Saturday, March 27 as a symbolic way to show how important it is to tell everyone that we do care about our environment. We painted posters, my students talked to all the other students (about 2000) at the CBA, place where I work encouraging to be part of the great movement, and a day before March 27, we invited Mr. Reinaldo Cuadros, former representative at the UN with environmental programs, to talk about how important it is to understand our being part of this great ecosystem. He gave a lecture to children, teenagers and pretenagers at the Auditorium of the CBA.More and more people now ask about ways to protect our home, and obviously, I’ve been applying all what I learned in NC.Currently, I’m working on encouraging people to plant a native tree and be prepared for April 22, “International Day of Biodiversity”, a day when all should water the tree we have planted at 10:30, local time.In a meeting of Partners here in Cochabamba, the President of Rotary Club, met me and invited me to give a speech about global warming. Therefore, this coming Wednesday, April 7, I will be doing it in a monthly meeting they have.I hope more and more people get as enthusiastic as I am and join us to work for a better world.Well, I guess, I told you some of the most important activities I’ve been up to so that you can have an idea of how impacting all your support was for me, and once more, thanks to all of you. I will be keeping you informed about other activities later on. Have a nice time.Danny BalderramaCochabamba-North Carolina Partner