Steve Gibson - Back from Bolivia

From Steve Gibson’s Facebook account relating to his trip to Bolivia     Jan 23  Sad news from Bolivia, my counterpart's Mom Viki Ramirez passed away Sat. night. She was a true inspiration to many volunteers from US that traveled to Cochabamba. Her love for the people in the rural areas inspired me. She of course lives on in Heaven but also here on earth because the example she showed to all by making the world a better place. I can still see her speaking to the rural children in Quechua as we gave out the bags of school and family health items. Please pray for the Ramirez family during this hard time for them.     Jan 28 In La Paz, Bolivia. Feel ok but tired due to the altitude. My roomy and I are climbing some steps instead of riding elevator so hopefully we will be ready to hit the work site Monday. this year the church/community center is at the edge of a small rural outskirt so maybe I can get in some agricultural observing. They do grow quinua at the site on the altiplano, I think the altitude is about 13,600 My blood will be real rich when I get back!     Jan 31 In El Alto region of Bolivia, but thankfully away from the urban area. Lots of dairy families in the area near the church we are helping to start a much needed building project. They have been in the current building for 34 years and when it rains water comes up through the floor. About 15 from the region are working with us. We are making columns, digging footings, etc. Today had a hail storm ...     Feb 4 Went to the Tiwanaku ruins today, very interesting. Don´t even feel the altitude now but do drink my coca tea each a.m. I have converted most of the folks with me and they are drinking the tea now; it has to work!!! Several have stomach problems. We are eating well but I try not to eat too much since work involves bending over so much. On the Altiplano I have not seen a single honey bee so I am looking forward to Cochabamba where I can see honey bees for sure.   2/16  Hello from Bolivia, Down to about 9000 feet above sea level and can tell difference from the Altiplano area. Still rainy here but much easier to breath. Saturday we will go to Tarija area to work with honey bees. I have never been there so I am looking forward to the 4 days. Tarija has a chaco region and I think that is where we will do most of the work. Tomorrow another trip to the very needy Anzaldo region where we are providing high efficiency stoves to the rural school to help them prepare school meals for the children.   2/25  Back from Bolivia, el techo del mundo (in English, “the roof of the world”). Had a great trip thanks to my Bolivian friends, stayed in the altiplano for 2 weeks then to Cochabamba (high valley) worked honey bees visited rural schools, then to a fish and bee farm in tropical area of Tarija Department mainly for bee project. Ate a unique dish in Tarija, river crabs and some sort of minnows all cooked together. Ate the whole crab, shells and all so I am covered for roughage forever! I brought back a few bug bites but according to locals we were not in a Dengue area … hope they are right!!!